ThermoChimie is a thermodynamic data-base created and developed by Andra over the last 10 years. Data acquisition is supported by an experimental program, in addition to active literature survey and the development of predictive models. Being continuously developed, ThermoChimie is addressed to geochemical modeling and performance assessment tasks.

ThermoChimie covers the data necessary for various applied purposes:

  • Speciation and solubility limits for radionuclides and chemi-toxics,
  • Geochemical processes under near-field and far-field conditions,
  • Cementitious degradation,
  • Stability of corrosion products (from iron steel).

The key criteria determining data included in the ThermoChimie TDB are self-consistency, exhaustiveness and traceability. Its domain of application is mainly within a pH range of 6 to 13, Eh of -0.5V to +0.5V and for temperatures below 80°C. These limits correspond to the expected range of conditions for surface / sub-surface repositories and for the French HL/ILW deep disposal project in the Callovo-Oxfordian geological formation. ThermoChimie includes data sets related to major elements and to a long list of radioactive and toxic elements (see table). Data regarding the principal organic ligands released during waste degradation are also included. A significant data set is also available covering the stability of cement hydrates, clay minerals and other alumino-silicate phases such as zeolites..

List of organics here .
List of minerals and solid compounds (for clays, zeolites, cement) here .