Kinetic Models (9b0 Version of October 08, 2015)Change version

A compilation of kinetic parameters is proposed. It comes in the form of individual sheets (one for each mineral phase). Models are developed and compared with the literature review data (including those not selected for the fitting of kinetic parameters). This approach allows to assess the uncertainties relating to the proposed kinetic (Marty et co-workers). The purpose of the " kinetic " sheets is to provide kinetic models directly applicable to most geochemical codes. The data have been compiled in accordance with formalism implemented in TOUGHREACT, considering the Transition State Theory. The predefined CRUNCH is very similar. The introduction of kinetics in PHREEQC in the form of "blocks basics " allows a large degree of freedom. It is possible to program the equations considered by TOUGHREACT.

Marty, N.C.M., Cama, J., Sato, T., Chino, D., Villiéras, F., Razafitianamaharavo, A., Brendlé, J., Giffaut, E., Soler, J.M., Gaucher, E.C., Tournassat, C., 2011. Dissolution kinetics of synthetic Na-smectite. An integrated experimental approach. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 75, 5849-5864.

Marty, N.C.M., Claret, F., Giffaut, E., Madé, B., Tournassat, C., 2015. A database of dissolution and precipitation rates for clay-rocks minerals. Applied Geochemistry, 55, 108-118.

albite biotite calcite celestite chlorite CSH dolomite
gibbsite illite kaolinite portlandite quartz siderite smectite